TSA Jobs for Veterans

Veterans have valuable experience and skills that are highly sought after by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Recognizing this, TSA has created a range of opportunities for veterans to join their organizations.

TSA offers a number of resources for veterans seeking employment opportunities and it has partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) to provide outreach services to help veterans find meaningful employment in the transportation security field. In addition, TSA offers job search and career counselling through their Transition Assistance Program (TAP).


Types of TSA Jobs for Veterans

TSA is committed to supporting and honoring our nation’s veterans’ service, offering a range of employment opportunities that recognize their experience and skills. From security officers to aviation safety inspectors, many meaningful jobs are available for veterans in the TSA. Here are some of the most popular job opportunities for veterans in TSA:

Flight Attendants: Flight attendants ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on board commercial flights. They are responsible for responding to emergencies, providing customer service, serving meals and drinks, and troubleshooting any in-flight issues that may arise.

Baggage Screening Officers: These officers check checked baggage for prohibited items and contraband. They use x-rays and other detection equipment to scan all items in the baggage compartments.

Security Officers: Security officers maintain order and protect people and property at various locations inside and outside TSA facilities. They may be called upon to assist with crowd control, secure sensitive areas, or respond to any suspicious activity.

Transportation Security Officers (TSOs): TSOs are responsible for conducting security screenings at airports. They manually check and screen passengers and their baggage to ensure that no dangerous items are brought onto the aircraft. TSOs also provide customer service, assist with complaints, and direct travellers to the proper locations within the airport.

Airport Security Coordinators: Manage security operations at airports and other transportation facilities.

Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASIs): Ensure civil aviation safety through inspections and investigations.

Behavior Detection Officers (BDOs): Identify and observe passengers exhibiting behaviour associated with a security risk.

Transportation Security Inspectors (TSIs): Ensure compliance with TSA regulations for commercial carriers and hazardous materials.

Benefits Offered to Veterans at TSA

TSA provides a range of benefits for veterans, including tuition assistance, health insurance, and paid vacation. They also offer flexible schedules and the opportunity to choose from various job locations. In addition, TSA offers mentorship programs specifically designed to help veterans transition into their new careers. Lastly, veterans are eligible for preference in hiring, which puts them at an advantage when competing for jobs with TSA.

How Can Veterans Apply to TSA

To apply for a job with TSA, veterans must first create an account on the USA Jobs website. Once their profile is created, they can search for jobs that match their qualifications and experience. To be considered for employment, veterans must submit a resume or complete application form detailing their background, education, and other relevant information. After submitting their application, veterans may be asked to participate in interviews and other assessments.

Hiring Preferences For Veterans

Veterans are eligible for hiring preference with TSA, which gives them an advantage over other applicants when competing for a job. All veterans must provide proof of their veteran status in order to receive hiring preference. The proof can be a copy of the DD-214 form or any other document that provides evidence of veteran status.

Preference is granted to veterans who received military honours, such as a Purple Heart or Medal of Honor, and disabled veterans.

TSA provides meaningful career opportunities for veterans and offers generous benefits that make it an ideal place to start their civilian careers. With hiring preferences and flexible schedules, TSA is the perfect place for veterans to transition into a successful career.

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